90210 3.17 "Blue Naomi" Review

Last night's 90210 sent us off on another hiatus break with a lot of reveals, hookups, and the sendoff of the most unwelcome houseguest ever in the witch known as Cousin Emily. All in all, a damn fine episode. But before we pop off champagne bottles in honor of Cousin Emily's eviction from West Bev, let's talk about the craziness that is Adrianna Tate-Duncan and her descent into madness.

Adrianna looked as if she was going to stab Silver at any given moment tonight and I feared for Kelly Taylor's little sister's life. Adrianna knew what she was doing all along and wanted Silver to come clean so she could strike at the right moment. The girl didn't even give Silver a chance to explain before sending a sext out to all of West Beverly of Silver's assets, which is bugging me because how did Ade get into the locker room in the first place? She's no longer a student at West Bev the last time I checked, so where is the security in the place? Also, didn't anyone learn from Annie's sexting mess that this can't end well for anyone involved? Check your notes, kids... 



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