Skins Review: Lonely Michelle...

Finding out you have an STD probably isn’t the best way to learn that your boyfriend has been cheating on you, as Michelle discovered on Skins this week.

She received that double dose of unfortunate news, and also lost her friend Tea, all while lacking a mother to guide her through the troubles.

I was surprisingly engaged throughout this installment.

The principal gave a rather straightforward speech to Michelle that illustrated her behavior. She’s a smart girl with a lot of potential, but in her desires to please her boyfriend and fit in at school, she’s managed to lessen who she is as a person.

Unfortunately, her mother doesn’t make matters better. More of a roommate than a parent, she spends her time cavorting with a variety of men instead of taking care of her daughter. Perhaps something in her past has made her act in such a manner. Maybe she’s just overly promiscuous.  Read More...


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