Chuck 4.17 "Chuck vs the First Bank of Evil" Recap

This week's episode picks up right where the last one left off, with Vivian in Volkoff's office, staring at the light emanating from the wall.  Vivian approaches a panel in the wall which contains a clear plastic card, engraved with some very familiar numbers engraved on it (familiar to Lost fans, anyway).  She removes the card and an unseen red light begins to blink.  Vivian studies the card, and not divining its meaning, falls into Volkoff's chair and says, "I give up."  A man's voice says that is a strange reaction to the gift she has just been given.  The man enters the office and introduces himself as Riley, Volkoff's lawyer.  Riley explains that Volkoff left Vivian a letter.  He begins to recite it it an approximate Volkoff accent.  When Vivian questions the affectation, Riley explains that Volkoff instructed that he read the letter that way to make her comfortable.  Dropping the accent, Riley completes his recitation of the letter, concluding with Volkoff's desire that Vivian follow in his footsteps as the head of Volkoff Industries.  Vivian does not seem receptive.  Sensing this, Riley asks her how could she possibly say no?  "No," she calmly states.  In response, Riley pulls a gun saying that he can't let her say no.  Vivian deftly knocks the gun away and stabs Riley in the hand with an envelope opener.  She grabs the car and escapes. Read more...


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