Castle 3.17 "Countdown" Review

I am completely torn about this episode. On the one hand, "Countdown" was intense, suspenseful and a solid narrative; on the other hand, however, I am so incredibly frustrated because it feels like we had taken three steps forward with the past few episodes and then ten steps back last night on the Castle/Beckett front. Just when I thought we were finally getting somewhere, The Powers That Be pulled the rug from right under my feet and I am not happy about it. At all.

The episode started right where "Setup" left off, which was great. Captain Montgomery is working with Fallon to find the bomb and Castle and Beckett are stuck in the freezer with no possible way of getting out any time soon. If the situation wasn’t so straining, I bet Castle would have cracked a Titanic joke there. Alexis and Martha came back home and couldn’t reach Castle, so the teenager called Ryan, concerned about her dad. Read More...


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