'90210' Recap: 'Blue Naomi'

Ding dong the witch is dead! Finally, after months of sneaking and sabotaging, we said goodbye to not-so Innocent Cousin Emily. During her stay in Beverly Hills, she had managed to isolate Annie from her friends and boyfriend, steal her part in the local play and caused her to get a three-day suspension from school. Not too shabby. With all of that, Emily believed she had finally secured her spot as one of West Bev's ruling members. (Eh, not so fast, Kansas. Those flowers the girls got you were not that nice.)

So Emily shed her humble exterior and opted for part theater diva, part man stealer in order to make a direct move for Liam. (She apologized for hitting on him, by...hitting on him. Maybe that's a Kansas thing?) The two went to dinner together to take the edge off his recent tension with Annie, and just when I wanted to scream for Liam to start thinking with his head instead of something else, he proved that he's lived in Beverly Hills long enough to know how to pull off his own take down. Baiting Emily with news that Naomi and the girls think she's "dull and unsophisticated," he finally revealed the woman behind the curtain as one who does not think highly of just about everyone at their school. Rather than stay and deal with the fallout (namely, Naomi making her life a living hell), Emily decided it would be best to ship out. Have fun in the Ozarks! Read More...



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