'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'A Person Of Interest'

I'm amazed this episode of "Pretty Little Liars" didn't spontaneously combust, what with the epic levels of drama! These girls are overdosing on bad decisions and a whole lot of crazy. And I'm not just talking about slumber parties with bad boys, lying to mom and sneaking out at night. They're lying to the police, for goodness' sake!

Of course, the scandalous secret in question is Spencer and Ian's past affair. Like true BFFs, the girls don't spill the beans while in the police station being questioned. They're convinced that telling the truth can do more harm than good.

Spencer's got it particularly bad. The Hastings household has unanimously decided she's lost her marbles. Yup, you heard right: They're sending her to see a shrink! She flees and finds shelter in Toby's motel room. Lucky for them, there's a murder mystery to be solved, and Room 214 is right next door. Spencer pays off a cleaning lady to let them break in and investigate and they conclude that the room belongs to Jenna after finding her sunglasses. Read More...



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