'White Collar' season finale: Did Neal con Peter?


A lot of questions were answered concerning the seasons-long mysteries on "White Collar." We found out the full story of the music box, the fractal, the U-boat, Vincent Adler, Alex - but at the expense of the heart of the show.We're not criticizing, mind you. Just like any good romance (bromance, in this case), there needs to be drama to keep things fresh and interesting. But it hurts to see the trust built up between Peter and Neal go up in flames, especially in the wake of the quiet little moment they had when they were cutting the TNT wires on the boat.Who do you think stole the treasure and put it away for Neal? Has to be Alex, right? Though we have complete faith in this show to make it something more complex than that. And we hope this isn't the last we've seen of Alex - we can't let Neal's non-Peter romances get...



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