Parenthood 2.18 "Qualities and Difficulties" Review

"You need act two."

As yet another stellar episode of Parenthood was winding down, this quote came spilling out of someone’s mouth. I quickly wrote it down because the intent behind the line was quite romantic, but in looking back over my notes, it kind of sums the episode up nice and succinctly. Try as they might, Team Braverman, stacked with perfectionists as they are, got to explore second chances tonight in what I consider to be the best episode so far.

The most obvious second chance was given to Adam and Kristina who kind of botched the first sit down they had with Max regarding his Asperger’s. She cried, he was sullen and referred to it as a disability; not the most ideal way of informing your son about something so life changing, right? I didn’t get the feeling that Max really got it fully the first time, so there wasn’t as much harm done, especially since his parents regrouped, went to therapy, and got a concrete plan of how to approach it. As frustrating and wretched as Adam was this episode, especially when dealing with the therapist and the confrontation with his parents over Crosby, it was all worth it in the end when he realized he was wrong and decided to try things another way. Additionally, the scene where they calmly lay out the positives and negatives of having Asperger’s to Max, who’d really just rather be playing Bug War (wouldn’t we all?), was incredibly touching and built nicely off of the episode with Michael Emerson. Read More...


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