Lights Out 1.08 "Head Games" Review

When someone says they are cleaning house, usually it means that someone is shedding off all the old habits and items from their lives and starting fresh in hopes of doing better the second time around. With that being said, cleaning house mostly comes after a bad idea goes horribly wrong except if you are Lights Leary. Coming fresh off his win against El Diablo last week, Lights is determined to be in the best shape to fight against Death Row. The problem is he is cleaning house of all that give him the strength to win his fights. With Lights throwing out Johnny, Margaret, and even Pops, he takes his fighting career into his own hands.

After winning last week, Lights was determined that he would go fight Death Row next. We saw that this caused Pops to end his career as Lights trainer. This falling out was the basis this week for the main story and it came with full force toward the viewers. With Lights needing to get a new trainer, he enlists the help of Death Row's previous trainer Romeo (Eamonn Walker). Little is known about Romeo at the beginning of the episode but, we the viewer’s got a full view of his training methods by episode end. I looked at Romeo as a mixture of Yoda's wise teaching, Mickey's touch attitude, and Darth Vader's raspy voice. This all creates a brute of a trainer for Lights. Oddly though, Lights enjoys the workouts with Romeo and even go as far as to push Johnny and Margaret out of his training. In my opinion, this is one of the bold yet stupid moves Lights has ever pulled. Family is one of the most important things in boxing and even more so in life in general. With only his wife and 2 out of his 3 children backing him now, it will be interesting to see how far Lights will go just to regain his title from Death Row. Read More...


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