'Survivor: Redemption Island': Russell Hantz suspects foul play


We finally have two castaways at Redemption Island, which makes this "Survivor" episode even more fun than the already-hilarious Phillip nonsense.Redemption IslandFran is shocked Matt is the one coming to Redemption Island. He is as well, saying he should not have trusted Boston Rob so quickly. They get tree mail in the morning about their Arena Duel, which sounds very Thunderdome. The tribes each get to draw stones to send two people to watch the duel (they can vote for two, but if they can't reach a unanimous decision, they draw stones. Both tribes have to do that). Steve/David go for Zap and Ashley/Andrea go for Ome.Arena Duel The constructed Arena is pretty awesome, shouldn't expect anything less from this show. I hope those are real stones and not Styrofoam. The duel is using sticks/rope to make a long pole, which they use to reach keys. There are three keys, three locks. First person to...



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