Survivor: Redemption Island 22.03 "Keep Hope Alive" Recap

This week's episode begins on Redemption Island on Night 5.  Matt arrives to find a sleeping, and shocked, Francesca.  Why is Matt there instead of Phillip, Francesca wonders.  She thought a member of Rob's alliance arriving at RI would be impossible.  Matt was so shocked himself that he didn't bring any of his stuff to Tribal Council.  He says he trusted Rob too soon, and now he feels like an idiot.  Matt confesses that it is hard to pick himself up after being blindsided, but he has a real opportunity now.  Over at Ometepe, Rob admits that Tribal Council couldn't have gone any better.  He was able to get rid of Matt and Kristina played her Hidden Immunity Idol.  Rob thanks Phillip for voting with him, by telling him that he is ranked fifth in the alliance.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, Phillip is fine with this.  Rob then confesses that he needs to get Andrea feeling OK about everything that went down at Tribal Council because she's smart enough to know he double-crossed her. Read More...


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