'Top Chef' recap: A Nice Family Meal

Tracing ancestral lines seems like one of those activities that's more fun to do than to observe. Like sleeping. Or eating food on a competition show. But last night, the chefs confronted their family histories, and it was fun to watch! Even…moving. Let us investigate.

After sweeping their eyes around One Brooklyn Place and dropping mysterious comments about what was "going on," Antonia and Tiffany guessed Padma would be stopping by. Clearly Padma requires things. Power outlets, servants, coconut milk, whatever it was, the chefs smelled her entrance from a mile away. Suddenly there she was, in a "casual" outfit. She directed the chefs to the roof. Antonia thought this meant they’d be asked to base-jump to the ground while cooking eggs. But it was actually so Padma could point to Ellis Island, the place you go when you want to confront your family history. Read More...



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