'Justified' 2.04 'For Blood Or Money' Recap And Review

This week's Justified is a great example of how anything can be made interesting in the right hands. While it has to move forward ongoing plotlines with necessary scenes that could be rote, it takes advantage of the situation by using the time and structure to shine a light on one of its solid supporting characters. By episode's end, not only do we get the plot moved forward, but we also know Rachel Brooks a lot better than we did before.

After telling us last week that Dickie Bennett ordered the robbery of a drug bus belonging to the Dixie Mafia, the show can't just ignore the obvious "now what?" in the room, and it doesn't - that's right where we start. Everything seems to be fine at the Bennett residence until Raylan arrives. He's connected Dickie to the robbery thanks to some phone calls between him and one of the bad guys, and he wants an explanation. He starts asking questions with his usual bluntness, adding, "I want you to know that I know what's going on." Well, those are fighting words. As was predicted by Doyle last week, this does not go over well with Mags in the slightest, given her previously established feelings toward Oxycontin, and she gets very snippy indeed. Once Raylan leaves, though, she's equally angry at her sons, referencing "our bigger plans," which cannot be good in any way, shape or form. Dickie and Coover believe this is a subtle nod to kill Raylan, until Doyle tells them that they're idiots, suggesting they not do anything "until you run it by someone who can think." Win. Read More...



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