'Jersey Shore' Season 3, Episode 10 Recap

I'm pretty sure that 'A Cheesy Situation' was going to be the title of this show, instead of 'Jersey Shore,' which only won out after it was agreed that 'A Cheesy Situation' left too little to the imagination.

Someone who likes to hear himself talk once said, "you can never go home again," and that quote is even more true if you're talking about a fake family that you're contractually obligated to be a part of even though the thought of putting your food next to theirs in the refrigerator makes you want to either cry or stab someone, or both.

But clich├ęs be damned! Sammi was going to prove to all the naysayers and the people who watch the show just to have something to talk to the cute girl at work about, that she could indeed, "go home again." This time would be different, and by different I mean pretty much exactly the same in terms of day-to-day angst and disturbingly trite turmoil. Read More...



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