'Fairly Legal' 1.07 'Coming Home' Review

What makes up a person's identity? Is it what's on paper, or is it what they do with it? That's the question Fairly Legal tackles, and it ends up being one of the series' better outings.

This week, Kate's mediating for an Army soldier who's not a legal U.S. citizen. In order to enlist, Sophia Pena (Carrie Ruscheinsky) stole the identity of Claudia Evans, and now it's coming back to haunt her. It's up to Kate to settle things between the two women without getting Sophia deported back to Honduras. Coming from a military family, the plot does resonate with me, and it's supported by one of Sarah Shahi's better outings. She's not trying to do something cute this week, and she's fairly reserved in the final act, dialed down from her overly high-energy performances in previous episodes - and it works. It just goes to show that when Fairly Legal focuses on the characters, and not on what they can get away with, it can be a good show. Read More...



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