'Archer' 2.06 'Tragical History' Review

If you didn't get enough with Woodhouse last week, this week on Archer it's Cyril whose suffering is brought to the forefront. Except his is better because it involves ninjas. Everything is better with ninjas.

After getting smacked down by everyone else again, the ISIS comptroller meets a guy named George (and his lady ninjas) at the local bar. The following day, as everyone else is hungover (Lana admits she was "blackout drunk"), he's surprisingly perky as the ISIS computer network is infected with a pirate virus, even when everyone tells him off. We find out that at George's suggestion, Cyril snuck into the mainframe and loaded the virus, intending to get rid of it himself and become a hero to his corworkers. George is a computer security expert who wants to show that current computer systems "have flaws that can be exploited," not unlike Thomas Gabriel in Live Free or Die Hard, only not quite as cool in a megalomaniacal way. Read More...



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