'Breakout Kings' review: Bad guys go a little too straight


"Breakout Kings" started life last year as a pilot for FOX, which passed on it. After a little while in limbo, the show was rescued by A&E, which is making a push back into scripted series, and it winds up on your screen Sunday night (March 6).Watching the two episodes A&E sent out for review, it's not hard to see why the cable network wanted the show: It's got a solid premise -- a team of convicts is recruited to help U.S. marshals apprehend fugitives -- and allows its characters to indulge their quirks. But it's also not all that hard to see why FOX didn't want it: Once you get past the idea that the bad guys are working for the good guys, it's a pretty by-the-numbers crime show.U.S. Marshal Ray Zancanelli (Domenick Lombardozzi of "The Wire" and "Entourage") is a lone-wolf sort -- in that no one really wants to work with him...



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