'Supernatural': Man down on the worst Mother's Day ever


Hey, Winchesters -- the number one rule of scary movie survival is to never be caught alone. So when you're stuck inside the endless scary movie of your life and you're hunting the Mother of All evil and your brother needs to take a time-out outside, maybe you should stick by him?In Friday's "Supernatural," "...And Then There Were None," we meet a new monster -- one we don't even have a name for yet. "I'm new around here," the creepy worm-thing says, while it's stuck in Bobby's (Jim Beaver) brain. "Eve cooked me up herself."Eve, by the way, is the name the Mother of All is going by from here on out. Her newest creation is a slug that creeps into peoples' brains and possesses their bodies, turning them into murderous villains.It was an all-hands on deck hunt. Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles), and Bobby were joined by Bobby's old pal Rufus (Steven Williams),...



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