Supernatural 6.16 "...And Then There Were None" Review

Welcome Back, Rufus

We see The Mother of All (who calls herself "Eve") again for the first time since "Like a Virgin" at a truck stop. She picks up a trucker, comes on a little too strong, and then rejects his attempts to get her to accept Jesus as her personal savior. Instead, she inserts some kind of parasite into his ear, which causes him to go home and kill his family.

Bobby and the Winchesters realize there’s a pattern to some recent monster attacks (most likely connected to The Mother) and head off to investigate this newest murder. They question the truck driver and then Bobby heads out to a cannery to investigate yet another attack. Rufus appears at the cannery, also pretending to be a fed. Unfortunately, the attacker is dead, shot by the cops. Read More...


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