'Supernatural' recap: Rufus, Farewell Ya Idjit

Talk about a change in tone from last week's hilarious meta episode! I mean, based on last week's ultra-dark preview, we knew this week's would be quite a shift, but even I didn't expect three deaths, electrocution, and ear monsters.

But even though it was a much different episode than what we got last week (no alternate universes, Days of Our Lives references, or Shakespearean hand movements) plenty happened in this episode. So let's recap.

We started off with the Mother, who was still rocking her meatsuit's white nightgown even though it had been a while since she rose from her pit (eeew). She met a Jesus-loving trucker at a truck stop, where, in exchange for the ear-full of scripture he gave her, she gave him an ear-full of evil worm that caused him to go crazy and bludgeon his family to death. Oh,Supernatural irony. Read More...



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