'Saturday Night Live' - Miley Cyrus / The Strokes Recap

Miley Cyrus has finally put the icing on the "I'm all growed up" cake. Like Britney Spears before her, she spent most of her life creating a likeable, wholsome image of herself to sell to parents -- only to have that image systematically dismantled by a culture that builds people up so we can eventually make them shave their heads and dance on poles just to feel alive. While Miley's recent public shortcomings may seem like Britney-lite, her hosting gig could be as significant.
'Saturday Night Live' can do wonders for a person in Miley's situation. What better way to announce yourself to adulthood than by shooting a digital short in which you beat the crap out of Carly from 'iCarly,' then make out with her a little? There is none, as far as I know. Being able to make fun of yourself is the key to being a quality host, and it can go a long way toward ingratiating you in the eyes of a discerning public ... and that's, pretty cool. Read More...



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