Army Wives Review: "Line of Departure"

The season five premier of Army Wives, "Line of Departure", got off to a slow, but heartfelt start. I'm used to the seasons coming in and going out with a bang, so this was a bit of a departure from the familiar. Each of our spouses are dealing with their own issues, and they seem more alone than usual.

So far, we have had only one marriage fall apart on Army Wives. However, I can't help but question the future of Joan and Roland. It seems every time they are on the same page, it turns so fast that their entire relationship takes on a new dimension. Roland has one of the most difficult roles as a man married to a strong, forceful Army Colonel. Even being a house husband, he loves his wife and daughter so much he hopes for another child and, in his heart of hearts, that Joan will want the same and to take a step back from the Army. By the end of the episode he's sitting at a dinner table, very much alone. He is such a romantic and I think his view of marriage differs so greatly from Joan's, that I would not be surprised if they were the next couple to explore the possibility of a divorce. Read More...


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