The Real Housewives of Orange County 6.01 "Amped Blondes and Evil Eyes" Review

I have a little 'secret' that I must get off my chest - I'm not much of a Real Housewives of Orange County fanatic.

Now before you get your pitchforks and demand I stop writing this instant let me explain something. I watched the entire first season of the show when it premiered back in 2005... and had to call it quits. The show was pretty boring and the only Housewife I liked was being caged up inside her house by her highly intolerable fianceƩ who we know today as Slade Smiley. After the first season, I didn't think the show would get picked up again and tuned out and didn't look back. However, I still noticed casting changes here and there and other shows that spawned from that particular show, namely that God-awful Date My Ex show, which puzzled me to no end. Read More...


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