Desperate Housewives Review: Who Killed Herself?

Promos for "Searching" teased that another Wisteria Lane housewife would be pulling a Mary Alice.

Misleading as always, this preview led us believe the victim would be one of our main characters. Would it be Renee? No, most definitely it would be too soon to see her go. Susan? Too obvious. Though she’s struggling with her dialysis and is searching for a kidney donor, Susan is far from the suicidal type.

Then, there’s Beth, the wife of a murderer and the daughter of a very disappointed mother.

When Paul confirmed he killed her Aunt Martha, Beth stared in awe as Paul creepily smiled proudly. Then, her mother, Felicia, tells her she’s never done anything right and is a complete disappointment. Poor Beth. She always tried to do the right thing and even in her last few moments of life, Beth wanted to find meaning in her life by helping Susan. Read More...


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