The Amazing Race 18.03 "We Had a Lot of Evil Spirits Apparently" Review

After two pretty solid episodes to open the season, The Amazing Race amped things up during Sunday night’s episode, an hour that featured time penalties, flight delays, and a medical emergency that knocked a team out earlier than their time to go.

One of the main things I noticed about the show was that people’s roles are getting more defined as we go along. I came into this season only being familiar with a few teams, so the first couple of episodes did nothing to really give me teams to root for and teams to root against. But man did that ever change after tonight. First off, how awful are the Globetrotters? I mean, seriously. It’s not enough that they didn’t have a map during the Bottom Feeder Caravan, choosing again to piggyback off the work of other people, but they disingenuously "paid back" Zev & Justin for their aid in episode one with a risky flight and worst of all, they hid Christina’s fannypack at the quasi-religious detour (Phil gave them a time penalty and I wanted to give Phil a hug). I know that they can be charming and whatnot, but they’re my love-to-hate-‘em team at the moment because they’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve to be there. I’d much rather racers who are less personable but more competent win than two guys who only did as well as they did last time based off of who they were. Read More...


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