'Smallville' Recap: 'Scion'

SMALLVILLE Recap: 10.16: "Scion": Tess drops by the Kent farm with a surprise for Clark: Alexander. Or, as he is now called, Conner (from Cognitional Neuroplastic Replicant). Tess says that the "rebooted" Conner, who has no memory of his diabolical origin, needs a mentor, and Clark is the perfect candidate. Clark thinks that’s a bad idea, being that Conner is a genetically engineered clone of Lex Luthor. But it turns out that Lex’s DNA is only half the strand: the other half comes from Clark.

Conner, feeling alone and confused by his nascent abilities, doesn’t think that Clark is suitable to teach him anything either, until Clark reveals that he is in fact, Conner’s "brother," as well as the Blur. Conner’s colored impressed, and the training gets under way (starting with the hormone-stimulated heat vision, which almost fries Lois when she arrives unexpectedly). Read More...



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