'The Event': Was it worth the three-month wait for you?


The return of "The Event" to NBC Monday night was billed as a relaunch of the series, with the implication that the two-hour episode could bring some new viewers in while keeping the hook in for those who have been with the show since the fall.But if you were just coming to the show, I hope you paid very close attention to the "previously on" -- because if you weren't already up to speed on much of what was happening, it's hard to see these two episodes making a ton of sense. (Perhaps this will help you.) Heck, even as someone who watched all the fall episodes and wrote about most of them, I found myself going back to old notes more than once.On the upside, "The Event" did move things forward on several fronts -- most notably in revealing Thomas' plan -- in these episodes. Had "And Then There Were More" and "Inostranka" come...



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