'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Someone to Watch Over Me'

Will we ever be closer to finding out A's identity? It's always one thing after another with these girls, and it's totally distracting. I am so over Spencer being the victim here, ABCFam! C'mon, give us another clue already. With just one more episode until the season finale, we're no closer to knowing whether Ian killed Alison or if Jenna is A than, well, ever.

Anyway, Hanna is sleeping with the enemy, but not for long! Because when Emily and Aria overhear Caleb on the phone with (whom they suspect is) a girl, Hanna breaks it off. But not before wishing and hoping that it isn't true. She's finally convinced when she sees Jenna wearing the owl necklace she found in Caleb's backpack that she thought was a gift for her. Not to mention, she double confirms her suspicions when she breaks into his locker using "2-1-4." Mystery solved! Jenna's chicken-scratch, Braille note is Caleb's combo. Hanna confronts him, and of course, Caleb has an excuse, but she can't be too careful these days so she kicks him out. Poor girl is left heartbroken. Read More...



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