Review: Interested In A 'Limitless' Cerebral Ride With Cooper, Cornish & De Niro?

Well, Team Lee, if there were ever a film presenting the coolest premise ever, it’d have to be ‘LIMITLESS!’ I know when questioning the effects of my life if I’d be able to use 100% of my brain, rather than the mediocre 20%, I know I’d go on a crazy rampage and do whatever I can in my power to obtain just about anything and any woman I want! Sure there’s an aspect to it where I might tire out and wish my life would dance to the beat of a different drum, but come on… anyone reading this review at one point in their life has wished they could have the amount of power where the disgusting human race would kneel at their presence and deliver at the snap of a finger. 

To an extent, I, Prinz ‘L’ Double ‘E,’ already possess some of that uncontrollable force, but I’ve been reserving my full-fledged game plan for December 21, 2012! With that said, screw the Mayas! I’m the one who spun the wheel of the ever-so-terrifying "rumor," however; newsflash my fellow Lee’ites… it’s true! It’s all true and you can thank my acquiring of NZT for having granted me the ultimate in power ever known to you worthless peons known as mankind! So as the clock ticks, brace for my hostile takeover, as I sit back hovering over Earth’s Blueprint and placing X’s on worthless land and check marks on locations I plan to conquer and utilize! Until then, you have a year and nine months to prove your undivided attention and servitude to Lord Lee! Read More...


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