V Review: "Devil in a Blue Dress"

With only one more show left of the season, tonight's episode of V really proved to me that this show should get a chance to come back.

"Devil in a Blue Dress" began with Anna's plan to build Concordia in it's first stage of construction. 

If it wasn't for Sid, the Fifth Column would never have been able to put together that Concordia is a landing site for motherships around the world.

This boy genius even came back at the end to show his fellow Fifth Column members that the Visitors already have their other motherships waiting in the clearing to invade. He deserved more credit than his fellow mates had given him. It seemed like throughout this season, Sid had been picked on for being a dork, but that dork has kept The Fifth Column right on the Visitor's toes.

When Sid pressed the button to destroy the blue energy, I really felt that sh*t would hit the fan, but alas, Ryan was there to deactivate it. This whole scene made me feel uneasy because I truly believed that if Sid would have completed the mission, Anna's plans would have been foiled.

I don't think it was a ploy when Diana pointed out to Marcus that she is not here to create peace, but wanted what is best for their kind. Diana desperately wants to be ruler again and won't stop at nothing to become Queen even if it means that she must become allies with the Fifth Column.  Read More...



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