Skins (US) 1.08 "Daisy" Review

Last night's Skins gave us the highly underused Daisy as a focal point and, despite what you all may say about the American Skins crew, I pretty much liked what I saw last night.

As noted, Daisy is basically Jal except that their musical inclined families are a complete 180. Daisy's dad forbid music in his house after an ugly split with his wife, but Jal's dad was a famous musician whose wife left because of unknown reasons. Daisy is also the voice of reason within the group, but unlike Jal, she's more in your face with her opinions when her friends screw up.

The episode was a fresh break from the drama that is Stanley, Michelle, Tea, and Tony. Even though that quadrangular drama had it's moment to shine for the night, it didn't dominate the entire episode thankfully. However, Tea still confused the hell out of me with her spiel about Tony having something that she has to have. I'm confused not because of her identity as a lesbian, but more about what that "thing" is. What is it about Tony that has Tea reneging on her identity, because enquiring minds are dying to know. Read More...


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