'Glee' recap: Let's Talk About Sex

Did this seem like a completely jam-packed hour to anyone else?

After I finish watching Glee each week, I usually take a minute to review in my head, and this week, I was unable to do so without my notes because it really felt like three episodes rolled into one. We had Santana going through a major character development, Blaine trying to help Kurt become educated about sex, and Holly Holliday back in the fold. That's not even mentioning the Celibacy Club, Puck/Lauren, and Emma/Carl. Jeez. No wonder it felt like the hour flew by, and here I was operating under the assumption that time simply flies when there's sex on the brain.

Well, let's be honest, that's part of it, too. So let's fly through this episode one more time together, shall we? Read More...



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