White Collar Review: "Under the Radar"

White Collar was poised to deliver a nail-biting and unbelievable season finale in "Under the Radar," but it quickly turned into a rather disappointing cliffhanger, with storytelling that left much to be desired.

Even so, it was still a pretty solid episode with some moments that were worth noting.

First, with the not-so-notable/praiseworthy content: I was all about pursuing Adler and finally getting the closure on the music box that fans so very much deserved, but not the way this episode went about it.

I found I was largely unimpressed by the reveal of the priceless art encased in the explosive-laced U-boat. While they added a rather interesting element of having Neal and Peter unlock the boat hatch, especially withthe wire cutting attempt that tripped a timer, I was unimpressed by Alex’s last minute save. Read More...



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