'Glee' Recap: 'Sexy'

If you couldn't tell from the parental discretion warning before the start of the episode (a first!), tonight's "Glee" was prepared to (safely) push boundaries. Following last week's relatively consequence-free Alcohol Awareness hour, these sexed up storylines were a welcomed addition to the season, as they uncovered some shocking truths and truly heartbreaking moments that should carry us through Regionals and beyond.

Because McKinley's health and wellness teacher came down with a mad case of the herp, Holly Holliday (Gwyneth Paltrow) rode in on her leather-clad white horse to save the day and some severely clueless McKinley students. (Finally Finn's lingering ignorance from last year's hot tub incident is addressed! Brittany S. Pierce believes in The Stork? Well, sure, of course she does.) Along with HH came the return of controversial musical numbers and uncomfortable subject matter, most of which McKinley's adult staff are reluctant to discuss. But wouldn't you have enjoyed hearing Sue's take on sex ed? Or perhaps her regaling the Cheerios with tales of her former lovers? On second thought... 



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