'Justified' 2.05 'Cottonmouth' Review

As long as he's alive, Arlo Givens is going to be causing trouble, especially for his son Raylan. And so it is in this week's all-newJustified - except this time, he's just the impetus.

At the beginning of "Cottonmouth," Raylan gets some information from the now-incarcerated Dewey Crowe, last seen getting nearly killed in "The I of the Storm." Some of it is painfully obvious (that Doyle Bennett is a corrupt cop, for one) and some not so much. He says that he's "formed a bond" with Jimmy Earle Dean, the child molester who abducted Loretta McCready in "The Moonshine War,"and that Dean has clued him in to the fact that there are much bigger things going on in Harlan. I don't know about you, but I don't think I want the bad guys Raylan's put away socializing with one another. Maybe they could form a support group? Read More...



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