'The Game' 4.09 'Whip It, Whip It Good' Recap and Review

I am generally wary of anything that involves a Devo reference, but this episode of The Game more than makes up for being named after the one hit single from a band with flower pots on their heads.

Jason and Malik are having lunch at the same place where Kelly once taped her reality show. I am surprised to hear Malik ask about Brittany, and this reveals how awkward having a daughter is for Jason. On cue, they realize Brittany is not at home struggling with her period (TMI!), but across the room with her friends. When Jason isn't bothered by this (saying Brittany needs a friend more than a parent with all she's been through, and that she will come around), Malik calls his parenting skills into question. For once, I  have to side with Malik. I can name quite a few kids - many of whom end up on Maury - who end up in trouble because their parents would rather be their BFF than an actual parent. Read More...



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