'White Collar' 2.16 'Under The Radar' Recap and Review

White Collar's second-season finale has everything but the kitchen sink: the return of several prominent guest characters, including the villainous Vincent Adler. His takedown was certainly rewarding, but did it live up to the hype? That depends on how you look at it.

Peter and Neal are strolling through New York, with Neal carrying a box full of fake Rolexes, on their way to the FBI office. Sara is there waiting for them, claiming she's found something big in the ocean - but first, we have to have the obligatory awkward moment between the two of them since they were locking lips at the end of "Power Play." And everyone else can see the mood shift in their body language within moments. This doesn't drag on too long, and we move immediately into Peter briefing the team on the Adler investigation. Sara believes he's looking for a sunken U-boat off the New York coast, and Peter is all for using that obsession to their advantage. After all, crazy people can sometimes be baited into making mistakes. Read More...



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