'Glee': John Stamos is back for a little 'Afternoon Delight' but it could be his last


After a noticeably long absence from the show, Dr. Carl, akaJohn Stamos,returned to "Glee" for more than a mere mention in this week's installment, appropriately titled 'Sexy.' John Stamosis sexy, make no mistakes (and it takes a Stamos to know a Stamos). Whether he's rocking a bouffant and banging on the drums or stuck behind a student's desk bemoaning his lack-of-sex-life, there's no denying that Stamos has still got it.Admittedly, we were somewhat disappointed to see that the real guest star of the episode wasGwyneth Paltrow's Holly Holiday - reprising her role to give the confused students (and teachers!) of McKinley High some much-needed sex ed.  In fact, one of the biggest shockers came when Dr. Carl requested Miss Holiday's services for himself and his lovely bride Emma (Jayma Mays), because yes - after all this time they have yet to do the deed.  Poor Dr. Carl. Good thing Miss Holiday - not a real doctor, by the way - brought the issue to light, as it forced Emma to reveal her confused feelings regarding Mr. Shue (Matthew Morrison), leaving Carl no choice but to head to the Radisson - signifying the likely end of their short-lived nuptials. We'll say it again - poor Dr. Carl.  Let's hope the Radisson offered room service.  Read More...



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