White Collar 2.16 "Under The Radar" Review

I have noticeably mixed feelings about the season finale of White Collar. On one hand, "Under the Radar" was a solidly-execution to the Adler story and all the drama that’s been driving the series from the very beginning. On the other hand, it features yet another problematic cliffhanger from a series that seems destined to produce problematic cliffhangers.

I adore White Collar, I really do. It was on my top 25 of 2010 and had I more time before this episode aired, I was going to write a piece about how it was far and away the best series in USA’s current stable of programming. I think there’s really no question about that. But for whatever reason, this series has a problem with its cliffhangers. This might sound weird, but I think the White Collar writers try too hard to make their cliffhangers cliffhanger-y. With any cliffhanger, there’s an obvious intent to shock and surprise the audience, hoping those feelings with convince them to come back for more in the next season or half-season. But good cliffhanger writing balances the shock value with logic, believability and character consistency. The White Collar writers have clearly nailed the first half of the equation, but they’re still figuring out how to execute the second half. Read More...



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