Stargate Universe 2.11 "Deliverance" Review

Don't worry, fellow SGU fans, I haven't forgotten about you guys or the show!

Due to Mondays being a complete war zone on my DVR and TV, plus my job going into the 8 o'clock hour on that night, my review was delayed. SyFy moving the show to Monday nights did not receive a big whoop from me and now you can see why. So without further adieu, let's discuss the beginning of the end of SGU.

The return of Stargate Universe was a bittersweet experience, which possibly impaired my judgment on this week's episode. As I stated in my review for the fall finale, this SGU story didn't click with me at all in the grand scheme of things. The return of Telford and the seed ship was a huge plus, but I was highly left unimpressed when the cliffhanger was presented because I knew the crew would make it out in the end. After watching "Deliverance", my attitude towards "Resurgence" still remains the same and, in some respects, solidified my original statement on the two part story as a whole. Read More...


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