'Survivor: Redemption Island': Russell Hantz, Matt Elrod face off, Phillip continues to weird everyone out


There is a lot happening on the latest episode of "Survivor: Redemption Island," including some unexpected emotion from Russell and some totally expected weirdness from Phillip.Redemption IslandRussell arrives to find Matt there, who is totally surprised. Russell is hopping mad about his tribe throwing the challenge. When it comes to the duel, Ome sends Phillip/Kristina and Zap sends Ralph/Sarita.Russel says if this were real life, he'd be rooting for Matt because Matt is a good guy. But it's "Survivor" and he wants to win. The duel is block-stacking on a platform so they will fall like dominoes and release a ball. There are trip wires attacked to the platform - if you hit them, the platform will wobble and your blocks will fall, so it's pretty delicate.Matt thinks he's got it and he sets his blocks off, but he's short in one spot. Russell does the same thing, so they are racing to restack. But...



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