'Big Love' first look: No one expected Rhonda to mourn for long


Raise your hand if you ever dreamed that Rhonda Volmer (Daveigh Chase) was going to make it this close to the end of "Big Love?"Nobody? Us neither. The manipulating, bouffant-ed sociopath continues attempts to weasel her way into the Henrickson clan with just two (Two!) episodes shy of the series finale. And now that husband Verland is buried in the Utah desert, she needs a new man -- preferably one who isn't secretly gay. Enter: Ben (Douglas Smith). Possibly the most conflicted Henrickson, Ben recently suffered a premarital sex relapse after seeing Rhonda strip at some folk-singer-themed club. And now, in this exclusive preview clip of the penultimate episode "Exorcism," it looks like she thinks that's enough to base a marriage on...Personally, we're hoping she's on the other end of at least one of the many guns pointed in the series-ending promos. At least we won't have to wait long to find out. "Exorcism"...



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