'Survivor' recap: The Crying Game

The harder they come, the harder they'll fall, the master philosopher Jimmy Cliff once said. Russell Hantz came into Survivor hard. Harder than anyone we've ever seen. He burned socks. He poured out water. He lied about being a Hurricane Katrina victim. He found Immunity Idol after Immunity Idol. And when he couldn't find any more, he convinced people to givethem to him. He didn't just vote people out, he — in his own words — rubbed salt in their wounds. He humiliated them and told everyone how he, Russell Hantz, was the king. He came hard. And now he has fallen — hard. Not just by being eliminated, first by vote and then in losing his Redemption Island duel to Matt.  We all saw an early exit coming the minute he showed up in Nicaragua. But the tears! Oh, good golly, Miss Molly — the tears! Here was the biggest badass in Survivor history covering his face with his hat, starting to sniffle, and then finding himself unable to even stand up straight while the waterworks flowed. This was a trueSurvivor moment for the ages, and one both Russell lovers and haters could enjoy. Read More...



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