'America's Next Top Model' Season 16, Episode 3 Recap

This week on 'America's Next Top Model' the girls faced what every model who enters this competition fears the most ... makeovers! Yes, makeovers, the one "gift" that Tyra gives the girls every season to make them look more modelesque. In seasons past we've seen crying, freak outs and meltdowns, the likes of which have become part of 'ANTM' folklore. For instance, who could forget Bianca's reaction to her shaved head in Season 9? Or Jaeda's complete meltdown in Season 7?

This season, however, most of the girls seemed to take their makeovers in stride, like Brittani, for example, who really really wanted blonde hair, but had her hair cut short with bangs and dyed black. She had the right attitude about the whole thing and it paid off for her later during the couture shoot. Okay, Jay called her out for "forcing it", but the judges loved her "high fashion" look, which worked for her later during judges' panel. Read More...



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