'American Idol' recap: Let's Hear It for the '90s

Babies, I'm amazed at the way J. Lo's red lipstick matched the Coke bubbles. 
Maybe I'm afraid of the way I love Ryan's dance moves.
Judges, I'm amazed at the way you pull compliments out of thin air, 
Hang them on your lies. 
Maybe I'm amazed at the way I love/hate Randy simultaneously.

Oh! (Oh.) Oh! (Oh.) Oh! Yeah yeah yeah...

Last night, the Top 13 figured out who their musical heroes were and, with Jimmy Iovine's help, proceeded to copy them. Songs from the mid-'90s -- the era in which most of these kids had first begun to fully grasp the concept of a "song" -- ruled the school. Seacrest kept thanking us profusely for sticking with American Idol, as if we were ever going to change the channel. At least that's what his mouth appeared to be saying as I sped through his segments on my DVR. Naima Adedapo proved she can dance, and Jacob Lusk became the new James Durbin. These things happen. Let us proceed. Read More...



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