Survivor: Redemption Island 22.04 "Don't You Work for Me?" Recap

The episode opens on the night of Day 8 at Redemption Island.  "Anyone home?" Russell playfully asks as he arrives after he was ousted at Tribal Council.  Matt figured he'd see Russell sooner or later, but not as the first one voted off his tribe.  Russell tells Matt that his tribe said Francesca won.  Russell confides to the camera that he feels like crap and is mad as Hell that his idiot tribe voted him out.  Obviously Matt is a tough competitor, but he's a rookie and he'll be nervous to take on Russell.  RI may be Matt's house, but Russell is going to take it from him.  In fact, he's going to beat everyone on his tribe and when they come to RI, he going to make them sleep in the mud.

Day 9 at Ometepe.  Phillip is up at dawn sweeping out the camp, and annoying his tribe.  Natalie says he's "so weird."  Rob says Phillip is a piece of work by wearing pink tighty-whities and letting his business all hang out.  He imagines the embarrassment Phillip must be for his kids.  "You don't want friends coming over and seeing that."  Phillip confesses that young people don't understand him.  Given that Survivor is a social game, he's at a disadvantage, so he needs to show another side of himself and do whatever he can to win the million dollars. Read More...


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