'Mr. Sunshine' Season 1, Episode 5 Recap

'Mr. Sunshine' is getting the full recap treatment this week, mainly because 'Modern Family' was a rerun but also because I wanted a little more room to dive into why this show is such a frustrating one to watch.

Why is it frustrating? Because, as I've said in my "Moment" posts, there are elements of a pretty good show here. Matthew Perry and the writers have decided to concentrate heavily on the arena workplace and the folks who work there. Some of the supporting characters have already exhibited endearing quirks, while others are on their way to becoming interesting. And they've decided to dispense with a potential will-they/won't-they situation which was only going to drag the show down.

But the show suffers from two big problems. First, the writers too easily fall back on silly sitcom situations for B-stories. But the second problem is much bigger: Ben, the character played by Perry, is the least funny person on the entire show. Read More...



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