'American Idol' "One Voted Off" Recap

As dramatic as 'American Idol' tries to be, there was really no suspense in tonight's send off of the struggling Ashthon Jones.

Add to the lack of drama the fact that we were forced to sit through entire segments devoted to promoting "Red Riding Hood," (with Casey and James fighting over Gary Oldman at the premiere), P. Diddy Puffy Daddy Money's tour and as usual, Ford and the whole hour becomes a tiresome affair.

Oddsmakers and fans alike had put Ashthon on the outs for a while now (she had 30/1 odds with one betting house, making her the least likey to win). Haley Reinhart, Karen Rodriguez and Thia Megia were also kicked around as soon to be kicked off. But after tonight, Thia's second shot at a televised talent show continues. Read More...



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