'Top Chef' recap: Bahamian Rhapsody

Last week was not a real episode, but a languid hour in which to read the chefs’ genealogy binders. And we did, and I cried, and maybe you did too, and suddenly here we all are again, in the Bahamas! Everyone showed up at the vacation destination looking awkward in their summer gear. Tiffany had things on her legs that were neither pants nor capris, but something in between. Blais wore a top he most certainly bought off the internet, titled "informal T-shirt." There is no way he doesn’t sleep and bathe in his chef coat. He told Carla and Antonia that his daughter is going to be called "Embry Lotus." This seems like the kind of name that's supposed to make people feel uncomfortable, and the ladies duly made an uncomfortable sound of approval.

Inside the Top Chef Fort, the chefs found old enemies. Poised menacingly behind cooking stations were the winners of each of the All-Stars’ seasons: Stephanie, Hosea, Michael and Kevin. Padma stood above, her hair swaying realistically in the breeze. She explained the Quickfire Challenge: the five would go against his or her nemesis for a $10,000 prize, using a secret main ingredient Colicchio had hidden earlier at each station. "Cook with your hearts," Chef Eric Ripert commanded. Read More...



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