'The Big Bang Theory' recap: The Magic of Sitcoms

If ever there was a case study for how a traditional three-camera sitcom can still shine in today's television landscape, it was last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory. Both the A and B stories followed time-honored traditional sitcom formulas: In the A story, we had the hot-but-kinda-controlling girlfriend telling one of our main characters not to see his ex-girlfriend who he obviously still has feelings for (and vice versa). In the B story, we had the two puckish supporting characters pulling off a prank against our other, more uptight main character. Add in the laugh track, the comically willful miscommunication that bites our main character in the backside, and the added bonus of bad-eyesight-related pratfalls, and this could have been an episode of television from pretty much any decade since the 1970s. (Well, save for references to the Internet and the half-nudity and the use of the word "testicles" as a punchline. But you get my meaning.) Read More...



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